Leading Impact next

A few questions for Tim Hartler, COO at LSI Projects, who is starting Leading Impact Executive in the fall.

Hi Tim! You start Leading Impact in October. How does it feel?

It feels fantastic and fun, it’s a huge opportunity and challenge that I’m really looking forward to!

What would you say appeals to you most about Leading Impact?

That it is not strictly academic. I am attracted by the fact that the learning philosophy is rooted in real situations and challenges, which gives a completely different credibility and experience as reality always contains parameters that are missing in theory.

What expectations do you have for the program?

My expectations are to get access to a toolbox that my company and I will benefit from for many years to come!
Tell us a little about the company you represent.
I work for LSI Projects. Our DNA and history is a classic carpentry with roots from the 1940s, but today we are so much more than a carpentry!
We are a fantastic group of both generalists and specialists with a common drive – to, in consultation with primarily interior architects and concept developers, realize customer-unique interiors and environments within the hotel, restaurant, office and retail segments.

Describe your role in the company

In my role as COO, I am responsible for the operational operation and development of the company in close collaboration with our Sales & Marketing Manager.
Then we are a smaller company with a great entrepreneurial spirit, which of course means that we wear many different hats

How would you describe your leadership style?

I would say that I am structured and delegating.
I believe in clear routines and processes to achieve goals, but at the same time it requires trust in employees to let them take responsibility for their own tasks and use their particular strengths to contribute to the team’s success.
And by delegating responsibility rather than exact tasks, I believe it creates more initiative and participation, which ultimately has the purpose of increasing motivation and performance.