The program consists of three modules lasting three days each:

MODULE 1: Value creation
How can value creation be described, measured and developed? What do your company’s financial portfolio, opportunities and potential look like? Using simulations, we discuss key decisions that tie in with your business model and how you can take a position on them. We look at the dynamics among various factors and how they interact – and why a solid understanding of their interactions provides a strong competitive advantage. What information is needed, how can it be analyzed and to whom do we direct it? What values can be created through mergers and acquisitions, and how can they be described and analyzed?

MODULE 2: Operational and financial management
We identify individual financial value creators and their interrelationships. We work on questions about the importance of growth linked to margins and cash flows, as well as company financing and how you and your business can successfully pursue value-enhancing activities. Next, we think about how we can best organize ourselves – in financial terms – to motivate and reward employees in the organization. Finally, we focus on the optimal way to conduct follow-up and measurements so that we ensure goal and strategy fulfilment in the company’s governance.

MODULE 3: Financial interrelationships
In this module, we explore investment appraisals and product costings and translate detailed financial data into business decisions. We also delve into the question of how to shift from plans to reality by pursuing business management as a coherent system of factors that affect how well you and your business manage to achieve your goals.

The three modules are linked together through bridging tasks that enable you to apply lessons learned from each session, immediately and in your real-world business scenario. During the last residential session, you’ll get the chance to put the module content, along with observations from your own organization, into a cohesive whole.


The program comprises a total of 9 full days divided across 3 modules each with 3 consecutive full days in residential session format.

In addition to lectures, workshops and practice case discussions, our impact instruction will focus on important areas and the real challenges you and your business face. Together, we will figure out how theory and practice can help you move your challenges closer to a solution.

Strategic Financial Management is an elective module of Leading IMPACT – Executive Management and Leadership Program


Lead and understand the mechanisms that generate financial value
During the Strategic Financial Management program, you will develop your ability to master and take a position on theories, tools and models that help generate financial value. You will gain an overall picture of how different factors interact and together ultimately determine the financial success of your business.

Theories, tools and models for financial value creation
After completing the program, you will have a toolbox that you can apply at your company or other organizations – regardless of industry or size. The knowledge you gain will help you prioritize and focus on crucial topics from a financial perspective. You will notice that there are in fact several key factors that play a decisive role in financial value creation at your company. Once you have mastered these, you can always immerse yourself in specific areas – but first, a firm grasp of the bigger picture needs to be in place.

Target Group

Strategic Financial Management is aimed at decision-makers at a company. Your role requires an ability to combine a high-level strategic understanding of the organization’s value creation with an understanding of practical consequences in individual contexts. For example, you might serve on your organization’s management team, board of directors or another executive position, or be a project manager or line manager in either a private-sector company or a public municipality or authority.

EFL’s IMPACT teaching method

Under EFL’s IMPACT teaching method, you primarily learn based on your own real-life strategic challenges and develop tools tailored to you and your organization’s specific needs. The program will give you an experience-based skills boost and familiarize you with new methods for developing business models supported by new technology. 

We combine theory, current research and exercises with hands-on tips and advice to jointly create a powerful combo of tools and abilities for identifying, assessing and delivering tangible business development projects that strengthen and develop your business. 


The program will be held once a year, starting and ending in the fall. The program comprises a total of 9 full days divided across 3 modules each with 3 consecutive full days in residential session format once a month. 

Fall 2024 dates: 
Module 1: 9-11 October
Module 2: 6-8 November
Module 3: 11-13 December


Venue in Skåne

Program fee

SEK 57,500
Members of  EFL Business Network have 10% discount on the program fee.

Prices are listed exclusive of VAT. Residential session costs (meals and accomodations) are not included. The costs of the residential sessions are estimated to be SEK 6,000–6,500 per session and will be invoiced separately after they are incurred.


The program is normally offered in Swedish. If English-speaking participants are enrolled in the program, both English and Swedish can be used during the program.


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EFL can also hold this program in a form tailored to your business. Select all or part of the program, and add additional parts if you want to work on more topics. We’ll fully tailor the experience to your needs. 

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