Program start for the Class of 2023

With expectation in the air for 29 participants, the Leading IMPACT management program kicked off its three-day residential session on a sunny fall day in Klippan. During the next 15 months, the participants will develop their skills in strategy, business development, leadership and business intelligence.

Leading Impact – Class of 2023: Magnus Rosengren, Daniel Jensen, Mats Elamzon, Eric Badeur, Philip Thorvaldson, Saman Tondnevis, Paul Myllenberg, Nina Jansson, Maja Modigh, Adam Svingstedt, Florian Ebner, Martin Nilsson Lindberg, Lenny Lundell, Marcus Sundin, Mattias Johansson, Rebecka Spånberg, Daniel Råvik, Kent Bengtsson, Lina Boresson, Malin Melander, Jessica Östman, Oskar Brändmark, Per-Ola Wictor, Malin Ernebrant, Pia Härsjö, Lynn Pilling, Sara Wall, Viveca Thornqvist Oltner, Pablo Moreno

Participants’ expectations were high at the start of Leading IMPACT – Executive Management & Leadership Program – Class of 2023  at the MiLgårdarna conference venue in Klippan. The session began with a three-day module on the theme “You and Your Impact”. The participants focused on getting to know each other and on exploring and developing their self-awareness and personal leadership under the guidance of the EFL’s Thekla Schneede and Nadja Sörgärde.

Over the course of the next 15 months, the participants’ strategic challenges will be front and center. The initial residential session will be followed by a series of sessions on how to master the business tools that play a critical role in leading and developing companies. The participants will explore and develop theories, models, concepts and analyses that represent key success factors in creating immediate and lasting IMPACT in their organizations.

In parallel with the residential session, an impact challenge will take place – a strategic challenge around which program participants build their learning. The participants also have an impact team in their home organizations that provides anchoring and support throughout the learning process. In addition, each participant has been matched with an impact coach, who has experience of similar types of challenges the program participant faces.


Leading Impact
  • An impactful, hands-on executive management program
  • 15 months of strategic leadership, business development and innovation
  • The program has been refined based on our Executive MBA, which has been given in partnership with Lund University for 20 years
  • Takes as a starting point the participants’ reality and strategic challenges
  • Next program start date: October 2022