Our new learning philosophy, program design and structure take your learning experience to the next level by reliably and effectively addressing the challenges the leaders of today and tomorrow will face.

Leading Impact in 6 minutes: Program Director and participants describe the program

Our pedagogic method

Our Leading IMPACT program uses a brand-new pedagogic method and a new approach to learning. You can forget about traditional lectures by “experts” going through a never-ending series of PowerPoint slides. We will not dictate what business challenges are most relevant to you – no one can do that better than you can. What we will do is provide a close-knit team of leading educators to help you along the way.

Together we are ready to accept the challenge. We are well aware that our learning philosophy places high demands on both the participant and the team of educators – but together, we can achieve fantastic results!

Fast-paced and efficient

Given our understanding of the workload managers of today face, work will be fast-paced and efficient when we meet.  We do not waste precious contact time on preparatory lectures or other preparations. That’s something you can do when your schedule allows. Our aim is to deliver a program offering high-quality professional development that can be combined with the demands of a balanced life. We want to produce sustainable leaders!