Our team

The program is run by a close-knit team that has been working together for many years. This ensures that hence all their various perspectives on running a business are connected in a comprehensive and holistic manner. We strongly believe that the true value of the Leading IMPACT program lies not in the pieces themselves but in the ability to put them together.

The unique composition of our team gives us the flexibility to move across disciplinary boundaries during the program. With the comprehensive understanding of business this enables, the entire program is characterized by rigor.

You’ll meet some of the most experienced business educators in our program. We also strengthen our team by bringing in additional expertise, such as international lecturers from universities and interesting names from the business community and public sector.

Advisory Board

The Leading IMPACT program has an advisory board consisting of a hand-picked team of EFL Executive MBA alumni profiles to help keep it on the cutting edge. A common denominator for this group is their success and ability to create IMPACT in conjunction with their own learning journey. Not only will they make sure that we strive to give the best IMPACT experience every day but also share their experiences and inspire and challenge new participants to make the very best of their IMPACT journey.

Academic Director

Thomas Kalling

Academic Director Leading IMPACT
Class of 2025
Class of 2024
Class of 2023
Class of 2022
Class of 2021

“Leading Impact is a special program in many ways, not least because it combines, in a unique way, the core qualities of the tailor-made and open program structure. The participants develop along with their sharp real time challenges, and do so in an environment which also benefits the home organization, thanks to the continuous focus throughout the program on the organization’s strategic challenges. The program is designed to create and manage impact on the participant’s organization because the support offered by fellow participants, coaches, the colleagues, and, of course, the EFL faculty.”

Robert Wenglén

Academic Director Executive MBA
Class of 2019
Class of 2018
Class of 2017

“Decades of executive education at the top level are the foundation of the successful EFL teaching philosophy. It is founded on the critical symbiosis of teaching participants to assume responsibility and lead efforts to address current challenges facing participants’ organizations.”

“We always say that reality is not divided into subject areas. Analysis demands, and the best solutions are often found in, a combination of different subject components. That is why we strive to teach participants to observe challenges from multiple perspectives and find the perfect balance in order to advance in critical areas.”

Stein Kleppestø

Academic Director Executive MBA
Class of 2016
Class of 2015

“Executive programs have traditionally involved introducing class participants to a number of basic tools. Leading Impact focuses instead on getting participants to develop their own specific tools. In a rapidly changing world, we need to invent hands-on, relevant tools to advance just as quickly as the ground rules changes.”

Impact Coaches


Each participant will be assigned a personal impact coach throughout the program. The Impact Coach is someone to talk to that “knows what you are talking about”, to help you define your Impact Challenge, challenge you to think out-side the box, to support you when needed, to provide feedback when appropriate, to share their experience if asked. The coach is primarily focusing on the Impact Challenge but will also help you to get the most out of the program. The coach is there to help you make meaningful Impact!

Our impact coaches:
Charlotte Albertsson, Kvadrat
Magnus Green, MGN Consulting
Suzanne Jacobsson, Malmö universitet
Emma Järund, Wästbygg / Femton
Jakob Kulas, KnowIT
Hanna Sjöberg, Alufluor AB
Gunilla Wejfeldt, Axis Communications
Per Welinder, Visit Lund AB
Anders Yngwe-Söderstjerna