“Making Your Business Digital gets a 10 out of 10”

Last fall, Peter Södergren, operations manager at Region Skåne, took the course Making Your Business Digital – Strategies for developing digital business models – a course that he gives top ratings and describes as “beyond expectations, very good and inspirational for my development.”

Making Your Business Digital runs for nine days and aims to give participants the foundation, techniques and tools to challenge and evolve their companies’ existing business models through digital opportunities. We posed five quick questions to Peter Södergren, one of the participants during the fall.

Peter Södergren, operations manager at Region Skåne

Hi, Peter. Did Making Your Business Digital meet your expectations?

Beyond expectations, very good and inspirational for my development!

Was the course relevant to you in your professional role?

Yes, I see it as an important part of healthcare’s digital transformation, such as 1177 e-services.

Which parts of the content did you get the most out of?

The module content, which interspersed theory with practical methods that involved moving from idea to practical action. And two great program managers who complemented each other nicely.

How would you rate Making Your Business Digital on a 10-point scale?


Who would you recommend should take the course?

Definitely anyone who supports a digital transformation in an organization.