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To develop in her leadership role and gain an increased understanding of business development, Viveca Oltner, team leader at Magle Chemoswed, will begin the Leading IMPACT – Executive Management & Leadership Program in October. We interview her here about her thoughts before she starts.

Viveca Oltner, team leader at Magle Chemoswed, will begin the Leading IMPACT Program in October

Hello, Viveca. You’re starting Leading IMPACT this fall. What was the reason for your decision?
I have a leading role at Magle Chemoswed right now, and as a fairly new person in that role I need to develop my understanding and qualities as a leader, both from my perspective and the company’s perspective. I looked at several different options on my own, but when I talked to my manager about my development needs, he suggested Leading IMPACT, which is a much more comprehensive program than the options I myself looked at.

And why did you choose Leading IMPACT in particular?
The options I looked at myself, I think, would have focused solely on leadership. With Leading IMPACT, I think I’ll get a much broader foundation as well as an understanding of business development and what factors can influence a company’s development.

What do you hope to develop during the program?
As new to a leading role, I need to develop my understanding of leadership and my qualities as a leader. I’m also very much looking forward to developing my business mindset in general – thinking more innovatively and strategically.

What does working as a team leader at Magle Chemoswed entail?
My role as team leader consists of managing a group of four chemists. We’re working on developing medical technology products based on Magle Chemoswed’s proprietary technology that involves degradable microspheres.

What qualities are important for succeeding in your role?
Above all, it’s important to be surrounded by people I can trust, who make sure that they completely take ownership of their task. Communication and clear and realistic objectives are vital.

How would you describe your leadership style?
I’m definitely a leader rather than a boss. I think I’m good with people, and that I can coach and be an empathetic listener. I’m an unpretentious team player and want to build trust with the people in my group. It’s important that everyone works together towards common and clear goals – and that everyone makes a contribution.

Tell us about your background.
I have a PhD in organic chemistry from Lund University. After my studies, I worked briefly at Respiratorius AB in Lund with early drug development for patients with COPD (chronic obstructive pulmonary disease) and asthma. After that, I started at Magle Chemoswed. I’ve worked there since 2009, initially as a development and process chemist. Then in May 2019 I took on a leadership role for the R&D team – first for the team working on CDMO projects and now for the team working on Magle Chemoswed’s own medical technology products.

Leading Impact

– Executive management program

– 15 months of strategic leadership, business development and innovation

– The program has been refined based on our Executive MBA, which has been given in partnership with Lund University for 20 years

– Takes as a starting point the participants’ reality and strategic challenges

– Next program start date: October 6, 2021