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In an aim to increase both his knowledge and his network while adding value to his company, Landskrona Energi, Mats Elamzon will take the Leading Impact management program starting in October. We interviewed him on his expectations for the program and his role as head of business support.

In October, Mats Elamzon, Head of Business Support at Landskrona Energi, will take the Leading Impact management program

Hello Mats. You’re taking Leading Impact starting in October. What made you choose Leading Impact?
I am confident that the program will increase both my knowledge and my network while adding value for my company, Landskrona Energi. What I found especially compelling was the impact challenge, which involves each participant bringing a pre-selected assignment into the program from their organization. This enables me to take strategic aspects and implement them in practice. I look forward to hearing the other participants’ opinions on my impact challenge, both as a source of inspiration and to see other points of view.

Why did you choose Leading IMPACT over other management programs at the same level?
Excellent testimonials! Others in my industry who have taken EFL’s great program have spoken very highly of it.

What are your expectations and what do you hope to develop during the program?
I have many expectations, including challenging assignments, new lessons from mistakes I’ve made, and, of course, new tools. I am very open as a person, and I have no doubt that I will learn a lot during the program. I hope to learn lessons that will help me take the next step in my leadership skills.

Please tell us about your position at Landskrona Energi.
My position involves starting, leading and running the new Business Support department – a department started in September 2020 comprising 12 employees (Head of Business Support, Head of HR, Head of Communications, Head of IT, Head of Customer Relations, customer service employees and sales coordinators).
The idea is for the department to serve as a support function for our core business, management and the CEO while also providing guidance for several focus areas. In addition, we engage in a lot of development and projects both of a strategic nature and assigned from the core business. We also own the Electricity Supply and Charging Infrastructure products and perform business intelligence for the company.
I’m a member of the management team of Landskrona Energi as well.

What qualities are important to succeed in your role?
What’s important in my role is coaching and to ensure my employees have everything they need to succeed. This involves decisions, resources and creating the right work-life balance. Making that happen requires drive from me, the right manager supporting me and the right employees, which I now have, along with a willingness to change for the better from the organization.

How would you describe your leadership style?
Coaching leadership with a focus on building trust and creating value. I employ other leadership styles depending on the situation and circumstances, but it’s important to be flexible depending on what role you have. Sometimes I am the one ordering a project, doing work in the management team or researching inquiries.

Please tell us about your background
I’m from Småland and grew up in Kalmar, but now I live in Veberöd with my wife and kids. I have worked in the energy industry for about 15 years, both as an energy company employee and as a consultant in various roles with various titles. I have a degree in energy and environmental engineering and also took the upper secondary school energy program, so energy has been a constant throughout my education and experience. In addition, I have served as a mentor for a teenager under the Mentor i Malmö program and worked internationally as head of project management office (PMO) for the Nordics, which was a part of a global PMO.

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