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Marie-Louise Edvinsson is a clinical faculty member who wrote her doctoral thesis on medicine and is now working on her docentship  in cardiovascular disease. An adjunct lectureship is within reach and waiting. But first, Marie-Louise will invest in herself by taking EFL’s Leading Impact.

Hello Marie-Louise. You’re starting Leading IMPACT on October 7!
That’s right! I’ve always been involved in providing leadership and guidance in one form or another and serve as an advisory expert on several boards. I’m really looking forward to this journey, for myself as an individual, my role as a teacher and future engagements. Learning is a good way to keep your knowledge up-to-date, satisfy your curiosity and maintain your interest.

What made you choose Leading Impact in particular?
I researched management and leadership programs extensively, both international and national, and Leading Impact appealed to me. High quality, obtaining useful knowledge, networking and having fun are my top criteria. Leading Impact supplements my past leadership courses within the region and at Lund University and a long-standing career in emergency medical care. As a mentor, leadership has great significance when interacting with people, as do knowledge and experience across industries and career roles. The format of Leading Impact appeals to me, especially the residential sessions, being assigned an individual coach based on what challenges you face and the structure of the program in terms of contents.

What are your expectations?
I’m really looking forward to starting the program! My expectations are high, and I hope to take my management to the next level, absorb massive amounts of new knowledge and build new networks for the future with/via coaches and external mentors.

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