“Leading Impact has been a very good investment for Sparbanken Skåne!”

Anders Österberg, Head of Business Operations at Sparbanken Skåne, tells us about the impact Leading IMPACT – Executive Management & Leadership Program has had on Sparbanken Skåne and Anna Quist in his organization. Anders gave the program the highest marks!

Anders Österberg, Head of Business Operations at Sparbanken Skåne

Hello Anders. How would you describe Leading Impact?
Leading Impact is a program at a very high strategic level catering to people with a genuine desire to grow and develop. Something unique about Leading Impact is that it is rooted in the current real-world business situation of the participants and their company. The program sheds light on and works through real, tangible challenges in the participant’s existing business. This perspective makes the program much more interesting for both program participants and employers than if it had stuck to a high theoretical level without linking theory to practice in the participant’s everyday work situation.

Has the program met your expectations?
We had very high expectations for the program, but they have been met, without a doubt. Leading Impact has been a very good investment for the bank!

Anna Quist with some of the other Leading Impact program participants

Please tell us how you see Anna’s development from Leading Impact 
Before the program, Anna already had leadership, a strategic overview and the ability to put words into action, at a very high-level. During the program, Anna developed in a significantly positive direction. Her strategic capabilities were further strengthened and her great leadership was raised to an even higher level. Perhaps you could say that the program also resulted in some type of personal development. Now she acts with greater integrity and confidence.

Has there been a clear connection to Sparbanken Skåne?
Absolutely! The connection has been very clear because the program was centered around areas in need of development at our bank.

Anna Quist, Leading Impact – Class of 2021

How has Anna’s participation in the program created value for your business?
Before the program started, Anna defined a problem statement she wanted to work on. In my opinion and that of management, Anna identified key areas for the bank in need of development. During the program, Anna worked on these areas in a structured and engaged manner and also took the initiative for and implemented several changes at the bank, from which we are already seeing a positive impact.

Could you name some specific changes as a result of the program?
We operate in an industry undergoing change at both a large scale and a fast pace. Anna took the initiative for a model to document, implement and track the progress of these development projects in a structured manner. As a result, we now have a much better view of and see greater impact from the development projects we pursue.

How would you rate Leading Impact from Sparbanken Skåne’s perspective?
I give it the highest marks!