Leading Impact – Class of 2024 kicks off

With the usual high energy level and anticipation in the air, the start of  the Leading Impact – Executive Management & Leadership Program Class of 2024 got underway. The program’s 19 participants can look forward to a 15-month development journey together on one of the most innovative leadership and management programs on the market. Based on the sharp strategic challenges of their respective organizations, each participants will have a unique opportunity to develop their ability to lead and make impact.

The scenic MiLgårdarna Conference Center, dressed in lovely fall colors, provided a nice setting when the 19 participants of the Leading Impact Executive Management & Leadership Program Class of 2024 came together for the first of the program’s total of 13 three-day boarding sessions.

The theme of the first session was “You and your impact” where the program participants, under the leadership of Thekla Schneede, Nadja Sörgärde and program manager Thomas Kalling, had the opportunity to work on getting to know themselves as well as each other better – which will provide a valuable basis in their continued journey together on the program.

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The Leading Impact Executive Management and Leadership Program is known for its well-composed and well-diversified starting field, and this year is no exception, with representation by organizations such as Cap Gemini Sweden, Fojab Arkitekter, Red Glead Discovery, Magle Chemoswed, Skånetrafiken, BWT Pharma & Biotech, Brenderup Group, Tullverket, Granuldisk and others. A good spread between industries and challenges provides excellent conditions for inspiration for innovative thinking regarding the challenges of one’s own business.

Each participant brings a strategic challenge – a so called “impact challenge” – to work with throughout the program. The educational philosophy behind Leading Impact is that learning takes place in the most effective ways if the learning process is problem-based, and that you focus on things that provide immediate benefit. And that it is easier to develop if you do it based on your current challenges. Each participant puts together a  so-called “impact team” in their home organization that gives the participant a platform for their impact challenge. The team also functions as a test bed for the thoughts that the participant takes away from the program, and can at the same time be a way for the employer to spread new knowledge.

The next program starts in October 2023.