Leading Impact – Class of 2025 – kicked off

With a feel of exuberance and autumn in the air, the fall edition of Leading Impact – Executive Management & Leadership Program got started. Participants of the program can look forward to a 15-month journey of developing together. They will be given the unique opportunity to strengthen their ability to lead and make an organizational impact.

The beautifully situated Bjärsjölagårds Slott in all its fall splendor was the backdrop when participants kicked off the first three-day session of the Leading Impact – Executive Management & Leadership Program. The session, themed “You and your impact”, was led by Thekla Schneedes, Nadja Sörgärdes and Program Manager Thomas Kalling, who got participants started in relationship building. They laid a valuable foundation for their continued journey together by getting to know themselves and each other. Participants were also given the opportunity to begin exploring their “Impact Challenge”, that is, the strategic challenge each of them brought with them to the program.

In keeping with tradition, the fall kick off had a well-composed, diversified lineup with representation from such organizations as LSI Projects, Sweco, VA Syd, Aimpoint, 9VB, Nested Bio, Capio, Hermes Slipverktyg, Skånetrafiken, Smile Tandvård, Nordisk Clean, Alligator Bioscience and Hedson Technologies. The wide spread of industries and challenges provides excellent conditions for inspiring new ways of thinking about the challenges in one’s own business.

The next session will deal with leadership, where participants will look into a number of leadership challenges, among them, difficult conversations and coaching. This will be followed by a three-day module per month in which participants will work with strategy, macroeconomics and economic politics, business development, strategic leadership, marketing, financial value creation, business administration and organizational and corporate culture.


The next program starts in October 2024. More information about Leading Impact >>