“I need to challenge myself so I can challenge my colleagues”

Daniel Nilsson, CEO of Henda Byggservice, has already attended several EFL training courses. In order to acquire further new knowledge, create new expressions and put thoughts into action, he will start the 15-month management program Leading Impact this fall.

Daniel Nilsson, CEO of Henda Byggservice, starts Leading IMPACT this fall

You’re starting Leading IMPACT in October. What made you decide to join the program?

Mainly because I need to challenge myself so I can challenge my employees and interact with my customers. I want to acquire new knowledge, create new expressions and put thoughts into action – but above all, I’m inspired by education and have previously taken several courses at EFL. And now it’s time for Leading IMPACT!

Why EFL and Leading IMPACT?

For me it was easy. I know EFL and I know what you deliver – quality. Then I got hooked on the format of Leading IMPACT, which uses real-world cases. Learning while simultaneously working on a development initiative for my own company, and bringing my employees into this process, strongly appeals to me. I believe in the combination of good instructors and my own work.

What are your expectations?

That the lectures and the work we do during the program will lead me to new adventures and new insights.

What do you hope to develop during the program?

I want to develop my skills so that I can maintain momentum and gain stimulation through new knowledge to continue my business.

Tell us about your position.

When I get that question, I usually answer that my role is “team captain.” I think it sums up what my days are like and how I view my leadership. When I’m not acting as captain, my focus is on organization and sales. I have had every role that you can find in a construction company – from carpenter to CEO.

What qualities are important for success in your role?

Success! That’s a thrilling word. How do you achieve your goals? For me, it’s about understanding where I want to take my organization, which often starts with a thought that my colleagues get proposed to them and where we then together design the goals and the journey to get there. In this, my task is to serve as support, offer tireless enthusiasm, and create happiness and harmony among my colleagues.

How would you describe your leadership style?

Perhaps you should ask my colleagues! But if I have to describe it myself, I am a leader who puts a lot of faith in the people I work with. I like to listen and weigh opinions and thoughts before making decisions. But I can also make decisions on my own if I need to.