Program Design

The program is founded on reality-based learning, which involves constantly building on the challenges you and your company face today and will encounter in the future. The program is centered around three dimensions sharing common components, such as our learning philosophy, a close-knit team of educators and a variety of assignments integrating various business aspects. An intensive part-time program over 15 months.

Leading IMPACT is an intensive, part-time executive management and leadership program that takes 15 months, meeting in a stimulating environment two-three consecutive days each month (residential sessions). The design promotes networking and experience sharing in an exclusive group of high performers with extensive management experience. We use the challenges you and your company currently face as the basis for advanced learning, which provides immediate benefits for both you and your company.

13 modules

Module 1: This part of the program is all about you and your fellow participants. We explore and develop self-awareness, how you learn, personal leadership and your key qualities for success. We lay the foundation by getting a better understanding of the models under which we each operate.

  • Module 1: Leadership “You and your impact”

Module 2-10: This block is about mastering the business tools that play a critical role in leading and developing businesses. We explore and develop theories, models, concepts and analysis as key success factors in your work to create immediate and lasting IMPACT in your organization.

  • Module 2: Leadership “Taking the lead”
  • Module 3: Foresight “Creating foresight”
  • Module 4: Macro economics “Politics, Money markets and return on investment”
  • Module 5: Strategic Analysis “Paths to the future”
  • Module 6: Strategies for Sustainability “Navigating in a dynamic world”
  • Module 7: Marketing “Building and reaching markets”
  • Module 8: Controlling “Understanding the business”
  • Module 9: Business Finance “Controlling what´s important”
  • Module 10: Organization “Managing people and learning”

Module 11-13: IMPACT Specialization consists of a menu of electives and open courses where you choose what area you want to immerse yourself in and develop your skills and ability to lead IMPACT. The program currently offers three elective specialization tracks:

  • Module 11-13: Leading Change
  • Module 11-13: Business Innovation
  • Module 11-13: Strategic Financial Management

The Impact Challenge

In the Leading Impact program, each participant bring an Impact Challenge into the program. We will put at large effort on the Impact Challenge throughout the program. The impact challenge has several very important purposes:

  • A vehicle for learning – we believe that learning is facilitated by problem based learning. Having a hands-on challenge (problem) helps us focusing and staying motivated, it provides context for us to discuss relevance and value, it helps generating critical and constructive questions and it creates deeper insight.
  • An opportunity for testing – managing and leading is much more than theories and models. Developing as a leader is mostly about learning by doing. There is a huge difference in understanding a theory and being able to apply it in real life. It is often said that managing and leading is more about tacit knowledge (know-how) than explicit knowledge (know-about).
  • An opportunity to linking back to home organization – developing as a leader does not happen in isolation. It happens in a context. By involving the home organization in the process, you will share your new insights and experience the feedback – both are vital for learning and development.

Impact coach/mentor

All participants will be matched with an impact coach. The Impact Coach is there to give the participants someone to talk to that “knows what you are dealing with”. The coach will help you define your Impact Challenge, challenge you to think outside the box, to support you when needed, to provide feedback when appropriate, to share their experience if asked. The coach is primarily focusing on the Impact Challenge but will also help you to get the most out of the program. The coach is there to help you make meaningful Impact!

Impact coach Anders Yngve Söderstjerna describes his role as an Impact coach on the Leading Impact Program:

The Impact Team

The Impact Team is there for many reasons – two are very important. Number one, the Impact Team should be able to help you with (or be involved in) your Impact Challenge. Number two, the Impact Team provides a forum for you to share your new insights and a sounding board for new ideas. Nothing helps learning as being a teacher. The Impact Team could also be a way for you to pay back by developing people in your organization, to create a group that might help identify other challenging issues in the organization, and ultimately to help develop an Impact culture.

Study Buddies

The study buddy is a fellow classmate with whom you collaborate on different matters such as applying models, cases and literature discussions, and more. The study buddy couple should also give moral support and challenge each other as well as help stimulate joint learning.

EFL Learning Lounge

During the course you will have digital support through the EFL Learning Lounge. Course material will be continuously uploaded and available during the program. You can access your EFL Learning Lounge login via your computer or the app for mobile phones, which means that you always have access to the course material via your mobile phone or reading tablet.