Beyond Executive MBA

For the past 20 years, EFL has successfully delivered Executive MBA programs in partnership with the Lund University School of Economics and Management. Building on our winning formula and in the tradition of our learning philosophy, we are now taking yet another step toward our goal of perfecting a high-impact executive management and leadership program – or, in other words, trying to find and unleash even more unexplored potential beyond Executive MBA.

We believe in creating a setting where the learning experience is closely linked to the strategic real-life challenges our participants face, further closing the gap between the learning environment and the reality of these challenges back at their organizations. These real-life business challenges are made an integral part of the learning environment to create the best possible conditions for creating both immediate and lasting IMPACT.  

Leading IMPACT – Executive Management and Leadership Program helps managers, leaders and organizations navigate the future in a local and global market where conditions change every day.

Leading IMPACT will help you understand, explain and take charge of the challenges you and your company face. It’s both an opportunity to attain deeper knowledge of financial analysis and corporate finance for qualified decision-making and an opportunity for professional development in business analysis and strategic leadership.

A program with an immediate impact on you and your company!