Leading IMPACT – Executive Management and Leadership Program gives you and your sponsoring company hands-on benefits right from the very start – in fact, even before the program officially starts. The reality of your company is integrated into the program and you will work both independently and with supervision on assignments linked to strategic challenges.

As a key figure in your company, the program ensures that you attain a solid foundation of theoretical knowledge and develop the skills to apply this knowledge in real life. On a personal level, you will rapidly develop a more analytical, professional and managerial approach. You will feel comfortable actively engaging in executive decision-making and personally make a strategic impact within your company.

Your company gains a leader who acts as a catalyst in ongoing business development. Additionally, the companies are offered the opportunity to submit relevant cases to be addressed in the program. Your company will also have the option to set up an Impact Team around the participant in order to create the best possible conditions for impact success.

The program will provide a network for life, and a business network for you and your company.


  • Being a better leader in all aspects
  • The skills and ability to create and lead IMPACT
  • Increased self-awareness
  • Well trained abilities to lead and develop businesses
  • Documented experience of having created IMPACT
  • Being a Certified IMPACT Improver
  • Network for life
  • Membership in EFL’s network


  • Immediate and lasting IMPACT
  • Tangible and ongoing business development
  • Structures and techniques to spread everything learned in the organization
  • Robust solutions and feedback on actual business challenges submitted to the program
  • Development of key individuals in the company
  • IMPACT measurements
  • Network contacts
  • Membership in EFL’s business network