A learning organization at Leading Impact residential session

The Leading Impact participants came together for a three-day residential session on A learning organization. The agenda included what must be developed to support the growth of a learning organization and what obstacles must be removed.

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A learning organization was the tenth module for the Leading Impact participants, who will soon have completed one year of the program. The focus of this module was discussing how to organize and manage work in relation to learning in organizations. They were also given the opportunity to tackle learning in organizations from various angles and explore the impact of human interactions and micropolitics in organizations. The questions discussed included: Do we support learning in our organization? What causes learning to flourish or not to flourish in our organization? To what extent do we want to be a learning organization? What can be improved?

A learning organization was the final residential session before it’s time for participants to choose either Leading Change – Successful Change Leadership  or Leading Digital Business. These can also be taken as individual courses.

The next program start date is October 6, 2021.